New Zealand - Top 10 Ranked Online Casinos
Updated On UPDATED ON: September 25, 2022

Top Best Online Casinos New Zealand

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How do we Rank Casino Sites

Having spent more time than we would like to admit signing up and trying out the casinos in our list, we have become experts at digging through the jargon to find you the very best online casino sites. The sites listed below all have exceptional welcome bonuses, a fantastic array of games to play, and provide the latest online casino security to all their players.

Each of you may well have a unique set of criteria while looking for a new casino site to gamble with. We have taken our time to include a variety of casinos, each of which offering something a little different to its competitors. So, sit back, relax, and read through our detailed list of the best online casinos.

Ranking casinos isn’t as simple as it may seem. Each player may only play one type of game, so it’s important that we dive in and try out everything the casino has to offer. Sometimes these endeavours can be incredibly successful, other times the luck was not on our side. Whatever our excuse is, we want you to know that we do not consider our own personal preferences while the reviewing process is underway.

There are several aspects we need to consider before giving a casino a score or rating. You can find some examples of our grading criteria below:

  • Game variety: When examining variety, we look for whether the casino supplies a varied selection of games to play. Are there multiple variations of the iconic casino games, for example, roulette, poker, and slots? Is there something for everyone, or does the online casino look to please a particular audience more than others?
  • Welcome bonuses: Bonuses are always the greatest incentive to signing up for any new casinos, but how do they compare against each other? Online casinos design these promotions to be appealing, but only when you can compare the competition will you know if you are getting a good deal.
  • Responsible gambling: Casinos that support responsible gambling with wagering limits, deposit limits, and other restrictions will score favourably on our top ten list of the best casino sites. This is because gambling is enjoyable, but losing is not, so any features that may help reduce your losses are good in our view.
  • Support and customer service: There is no greater disappointment than having money disappear from your account, which is why most online casinos offer customer support. But how responsive and effective are these support systems? How long will you have to wait before a real human being is trying to help resolve your issue?
  • Performance over time: Examining how a casino performs over time is not something we can do during our initial review process, but it is something we have a constant eye on. Just because an online casino scores highly this year, does not mean it will maintain the rating next year. Welcome bonuses change, games come and go, so its our job to ensure casinos maintain their rating, or better yet, improve it.

We could go on and on explaining how we grade and examine each casino, but that may end up being a far too lengthy read. Instead, seek comfort in knowing that when we review a casino, we are in your shoes. We want to find the best welcome deals, experiences, and enjoyment from the first minute we spend playing to the last.

What About new Casino Sites?

The online casino industry is constantly evolving, growing, and changing – something we will also have to do to keep up! No casino is too big, small, new, or old to escape our detection and reviewing process. However, the process takes time, meaning you may need to wait before you see a brand new casino getting reviewed by us.

We may review casinos that don’t quite crack our top ten list of the very best online casinos. If your favourite online casino site does not make our list, don’t worry. It may have only just missed out on tenth place, as sometimes it’s too close to call.

There are more online casinos than you can shake a stick at, which is good and bad. Good for you, as having more options is never usually a problem. However, it can be bad for us, as reviewing every casino under the sun might be a dream job for someone, but we can assure you it’s more costly than you might think.

We reserve the right to not review an online casino for any reason. For a more complete list of casino reviews, check out our reviews page.

Top Online Casinos and the Best Casino Games

An online casino is only as good as the games it provides, which is why we conduct a thorough analysis of each casinos’ game list. While we feel it’s important for a casino to offer roulette, blackjack, slots, and live casino betting, it’s equally important to have variations on these games. Only offering one type of poker is hardly offering poker at all!

Speaking of variations, having multiple publishers or developers of casino games on one online casino is a bonus. By including several developers, such as household names like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming and lesser known indie developers, the online casino is creating a more inclusive environment for players. We are firm believers in inclusivity, allowing people from all walks of life to all gamble responsibly on the same online casino is good to see.

Why Compare Online Casinos?

Comparing casinos is not something revolutionary or new, but it is something that’s rarely completed correctly. New casino sites prioritise user reviews and welcome bonuses as if that is all that matters when choosing online casinos, which is not the case. No two users will ever have the same experience in gambling, and there is no accountability or verification of these reviews. Anyone could write a review online without ever going on the casino they are reviewing.

We believe any online casino that is offering their players a unique experience, impressive promotions, welcome bonuses, and have an expansive range of casino games deserve a mention on our site. While we may not be able to find every single noteworthy casino, we will never give up trying to find you the best deals.

That is why when we recommend you a list of the ten best online casinos, you will know it’s because of various factors that all impact your experience. Sure, it’s nice to join a casino and get some free spins, but there’s more to a casino than free spins.

The Best Casino Sites and Security

Whenever you sign up to an online casino, you are safe to assume that your deposit is protected by the rules and regulations required for a company to hold a gambling license. However, that doesn’t mean all casinos provide the same level of security, support, and payment compatibility.

When conducting our review, we are well aware of customers from across the globe having different preferences for payments and cashing out. Online casinos that offer support for multiple payment methods are easier to recommend, as they will suit more people.

Support and security systems are increasingly important features being integrated into online casinos. The better security and support systems online casinos have, the easier we can sleep at night knowing we have recommended you somewhere safe to gamble.

These security systems range from restrictions you can set on your own account, to advanced account verification procedures which help ensure players are only wagering what they can afford. It appears a casinos duty is no longer just about giving their players a good time while they gamble, but to also ensure their customers can enjoy their lives after they have finished gambling. Although it is difficult to quantify and test these services, considerations of this nature are considered before giving a score.

Whatever your reason for gambling, it’s important to remember when to stop. If you are having trouble stopping, please seek professional help from a service like GamCare, or make use of the built-in wagering limits. We consider gambling to be entertaining, we do not advise you gamble intending to make profit.